How To Delete Textnow Account On Andriod, iPhone & PC

If you are looking for information on how to delete TextNow account, keep reading. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects related to this topic how to delete text free account on android completely from your device as well as from the phone number which you were using with this app. In tech lingo, it is known as a ‘logout’ process.

The question that arises is why would someone want to delete the account from their own personal device? It simply means that certain users are not satisfied with the app and want to opt-out of it. They might have been charged some fees due to their usage pattern on the app and they feel cheated. Or they might have realized over time that the app was not meeting up to their expectations. Or they just might have wished that they had never started off with this app in the first place!  Do you want to know How To Delete Textnow Account?  then read this article till and learn How To Delete Textnow Account.

 How to delete Textnow free account?

The following steps will guide you through the process of deleting your TextNow account:

  • Log in to TextNow.
  • Go to the top left corner and click the three lines.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Close the account and log out.
  •  Keep it inactive for a few hours or days.
  • All of your personal information can also be deleted or changed, including your email address. Your TextNow account will automatically be removed after a few days if you do not receive any messages or calls.

How To Delete Textnow Account on computer?

How To Delete Textnow Account: TextNow also allows the deletion of accounts through their website. You can follow these steps to get rid of your TextNow account.

  • Click on the web address and enter your login information.
  • Navigate to the Settings icon on the left side of the home page.
  • Go to the Account tab.
  • Change your personal information and save your changes.
  • Under Security, choose Login.
  • Scroll down and click Log out of all devices.
  • You will now basically be able to delete the account as all personal information is impossible to find.

How to delete Textnow account on iPhone

Are you thinking about removing the TextNow app from your iPhone device? While it does work as a great replacement for your usual text messaging app, there are many other features in the app that offers convenience for you. But if you’re wanting to use that space for something else, or just want to start fresh and clear out unnecessary apps from your device, then deleting the TextNow App is a breeze.  you can delete your TextNow account from your iPhone device by using the following steps that are mentioned above. Just follow the steps and delete it from your iPhone. you can also learn How To Delete Textnow Accounts on android devices.

What is Textnow App??

The TextNow app helps its users stay in touch by allowing unlimited texts and calls, free of charge – even for those on a tight budget. Staying connected is easy with TextNow, an app that provides its users with unlimited texting and calling for no monthly fee.

 By downloading the app, you obtain a second phone number – with the area code of your choice – and are able to communicate without limits for FREE.

You can call, video call, and send text messages over WiFi or network data in the US with TextNow’s free local number as long as you have a local number. 


TextNow (How To Delete Textnow Account)  is an app that allows you to make calls using your tablet or smartphone. The app offers you the ability to connect to 10 different numbers, whether you want to make local and international calls or even send text messages. The app can be used on Google Android phones and Apple tablets such as iPads and the Kindle Fire. It comes with many features that are both helpful and convenient.

  • Every user has access to standard features
  • There are amazing  features, such as PassCode, to keep messages secure and private
  • with Google Smart Lock (no password needed)
  • textnow manage my account Will Personalize texts with a signature
  • Messages can be replied to using Quick Reply with this amazing app
  • Ability to customize tone, ringtone, vibration, and background
  • Quick  Reply widget that can be put on the home screen instantly
  • Using, you can seamlessly sync your mobile device and text from your computer at the same time

How does Textnow work?

TextNow is a smartphone app that lets you make unlimited calls, send unlimited texts, and more, all while on to a mobile device. Some of the features that come with the app are: any phone number you want, person-to-person video chat, and ability to check your voicemail anywhere and anytime, text now sends messages over the internet, and you can even block people.

Is TextNow free?

It does not charge a yearly or monthly fee, but there are a few advertisements in the app. You can remove ads from your computer by purchasing a subscription.

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