If you are a fun lover, you must play games on your device, and of course, you have played Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Indeed, you have trouble defeating your enemy; therefore, we bring a fantastic app for you to help you in your like assistance. IMLS apk is a Turkish app that will help you get unique skins, heroes, and many other amazing features that will help you win your game quickly.

IMLS is the best tool for MLBB game lovers with amazing and unique features. it is a simple and easy application that helps you get premium features without any payment. Today we will discuss this fantastic app in detail that will clear all your doubts clear. Let’s have a brief review!


IMLS is an android application and injector tool for MLBB gamers. This app is like assistance that helps players to face complex challenges. When you play Mobile Legends Bang Bang games, it is full of adventures sometimes; you have to face difficult situations to defeat your enemies f, then you can’t handle this kind of trouble; you need an assistant that will help you to face challenges and survive in-game till. For this purpose, Turkish developers develop an assistance app to assist you. This app is handy to get complete control of your game.

It will help you and offer you some extra unique features like ML skins, character, heroes, and drown. Recall effects and much more. You should keep in mind that it is not available for all countries at this moment. It is a small Turkish app it helps you unlock premium features of MLBB games. The latest version of the IMLS app is IMLS v13. That is IMLS’s new update atlas.


Here is features list:

Unlock All Skins

As we already mention, IMLS is a cheating tool that offers to inject MlL cheats. You can unlock all ML game players’ skin and boost the value of your games. Usually, you need to pay a diamond to use premium ML skins. Still, you can inject all premium skins free of cost by installing this app. you can change your characters’ skins as you want without any single penny or diamonds.

Unlock All Characters/heroes

You can unlock your favorite skins without paying a single penny. Mainly you can unlock heroes and characters when you up to your levels and earn battle points. But by using this app, you can unlock all characters without leveling up and losing battle points. Unlock all your favorite heroes without any extraordinary effort.

Simple UI

IMLS  has a very simple UI. the developers of this application design it in a simple and straight forward. It has one screen where you can see all features, and by clicking them, you can explore your desired features quickly. It is super easy to use.

 Ads Free 

Usually, when we use this kind of app, they are full of advertisements, but here the good things we are telling about IMLSapp are no ads. imls old version, and this latest version is ads-free. In the future, maybe you see some ads, but now it has no ads.


IMLS  is a fantastic app in the term of compatibility. It is not limited to some devices. It is compatible with almost all devices and all game modes. Itis even working perfectly with low-end Android mobile phones.

Other Features

  • 100% working and free application
  • It is updated, and the latest version
  • This app takes less space and smaller in size
  • It is a simple and optimized app
  • This Application is entirely free to download
  • safe application for ML skins
  • You can also Clone Mobile Legends 
  • You can customize your game with premium features


Is imls Download APKNo Ban?

Most of you ask this question about imls download apk no ban; yes, it is not banned and possible to refuse because it has the feature of anti-ban that protects from the ban.

How To Use imls APK?

The use of IMLS Apk is straightforward not need any extra skill or knowledge. Just follow these steps for using it without facing any error: the first thing that if you have not installed the Mobile Devilgend game on your exact device, then install it first. Then you need to download IMLS on your phone. After this, open the application and click on add option button. It is available in the Indonesian language it may make an issue for you. Then you need to add your account and unlock all your favorite skin free of cost.


I hope this review has valuable knowledge for you. Now you can enjoy more features of MLBB games without paying a single penny. Let unlock premium features, and don’t forget to share our page with your friends. Thanks



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