Keiser Blackboard: A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Instructors

Keiser University’s Blackboard Learn, also known as Keiser Blackboard, is a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) that provides a centralized platform for students to access course materials, submit assignments, and interact with their instructors and peers. This guide will provide an overview of Keiser Blackboard, its features, and how to use it effectively.

What is Keiser Blackboard?

Keiser Blackboard is a cloud-based LMS that provides a variety of tools and resources to support online learning. It is used by Keiser University to deliver online courses, as well as to supplement traditional classroom instruction.

keiser blackboard

Key Features of Keiser Blackboard

  • Course Materials:
    Provides a central repository for course materials, including syllabi, assignments, readings, and multimedia presentations.
  • Communication Tools:
    Keiser offers a variety of communication tools, such as email, discussion forums, and chat rooms, to facilitate communication between instructors, students, and teaching assistants.
  • Grading and Assessment:
    Allows instructors to easily grade and assess student work, and provides students with a centralized location to track their progress.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    Provides tools for students to collaborate on projects and assignments.

Benefits of Using Keiser Blackboard

  • Accessibility:
    Keiser Blackboard is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, making it convenient for students who need to access their coursework outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Flexibility:
    Allows students to access their coursework at their own pace and on their own schedule.
  • Organization:
    Keiser Blackboard provides a centralized location for students to find all of the information they need for their courses.
  • Communication:
    Keiser facilitates communication between instructors, students, and teaching assistants.
  • Collaboration:
    Provides tools for students to collaborate on projects and assignments.

How to Use Keiser Blackboard

  • Logging In: To log in to Keiser Blackboard, students should use the same credentials they use to log in to Office 365 and the Keiser student portal.
  • Navigating the Blackboard Interface: The Blackboard interface is divided into several sections, including Course Information, My Grades, Assignments, Discussions, and Tools.
  • Accessing Course Materials: Course materials can be found in the Course Information section.
  • Submitting Assignments: Assignments can be submitted through the Assignments section.
  • Communicating with Instructors and Peers: Communication with instructors and peers can take place through the Discussions and Messages sections.
  • Accessing Additional Resources: Additional resources, such as the Keiser University library and the Writing Center, can be accessed through the Tools section.

Tips for Effective Use of Keiser Blackboard

  • Check Blackboard Regularly:
    Check Blackboard regularly for announcements, new assignments, and messages from instructors.
  • Organize Your Course Materials:
    Create a system for organizing your course materials to avoid losing track of important files.
  • Participate in Discussions: Participate in discussions to learn from your peers and stay engaged in the course.
  • Communicate with Your Instructor:
    Communicate with your instructor if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Use the Help Desk:
    If you have any technical problems with Blackboard, contact the Keiser University Help Desk.


This is a valuable tool that can help students succeed in their online courses. By using Keiser Blackboard effectively, students can stay organized, communicate with their instructors and peers, and access the resources they need to succeed.

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