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Are you a photo lover? And want to add unusual and unique effects to photos to make them aesthetic looks? Then it’s your lucky day; your searches end here because we are here to present a unique apk that will make your static images into animated images. We are talking about the fantastic app pixaloop pro apk.

 It is one of the image editing apps that turn your photos into animated photos. It has incredible features and effects that make your photos more attractive and eye-catchy. We are 100% sure you will love to use it regularly after first use. We discuss in detail this fantastic application. Stay with us till the end…! Now you’re curious about this photo editing app, don’t worry, your wait is over…! Let’s discuss it.!

What Is Pixaloop Pro APK?

Pixaloop pro apk is a fantastic photo editing app that gives your photos an amazing and unique touch. You can edit your pictures and add stunning effects to your photos and make your friend and family surprised. pixaloop pro apk is not a typical photo editing tool; it has advanced features and many of the latest photo effects that you have never seen before. 

It has many unique and elegant tons, overlays, filters, animate skies, and much more. Not only this, it has more features and effects like clothing, hairs, waves any many other unique features that we will discuss in detail. Make super fun and show your creativity with pixaloop pro apk.


Here is the brief overview of features of the pixaloop pro apk:

Create Animation With Your Photos

You can do Animation with your photos in a few clicks and enjoy the Animation features. Now you can add multiple movements to your pictures and make your photos attractive and exciting. You need just a few steps for animating your images: use arrows to set the photo’s motion direction. You can also use anchor points to limit photo motion and to customize photo movements. The plus point is that it allows you to freeze a section of photos with a freeze brush.

Effects And Filters 

There are several effects and filters available in pixaloop that enhance the attractiveness of your photo.You can use these effects: Add sky effects to your photos and make them elegant and real looking. It has the feature of video effects that make your photos like a video. You can add many amazing overlays effects in your images also has the feature of 2D and 3D effects

Edit Your Moving Photos

you can edit your moving photos in images in Enlight Pixaloop Pro app. you can make all required adjustments that are important for photo editing. It allows users to edit, adjust, and animate photos with its stunning features of animation effects. Your photos will look like real life.

Videos Effects

Users can add video effects to their images and give them a video touch. You can change the movement, control speed, adjust motion and style with this fantastic photo editing tool.

Easy To Use

This app is developed for both beginners and professionals. Especially for beginners, it is very beneficial. It has a straightforward interface that is easy to understand. Everyone can use it without any technical knowledge. In short, it is easy to use for everyone.

High-Quality Exports

It allows you to export your edited file in high quality. Most apps lose the quality during export, but Enlight Pixaloop Pro enhances the quality of photos.

Requirements Of Pixaloop Pro apk

No need for any additional requirements. You just need to read the features of mobile devices. That makes sure that your device has an Android 7.1 version because it is compatible with the in-app features. After this, you can start downloading it.

Compatible Devices 

Pixaloop apk is Compatible with all these devices. You can download :

  • You can use  pixaloop pro apk for ios
  • Download pixaloop pro apk for pc
  •  Pixaloop pro apk for iPhone
  • Pixaloop pro apk appvn
  • Enlight pixaloop pro apk for android

How To Install And Download The Pixaloop Pro Apk For Android?

For Downloading the APK file, follow the installation instructions.

  • First of all, Download APK
  •  Then Go to your device settings and open the Security option.
  •  In the Security section, find the “Unknown Sources” option and click on the checkbox. 
  •  Go to your device’s download folder and open the downloaded apk file.
  •  Then click the “Next” button to install the pixaloop app and then click on “Install”.
  • Congratulations, now the fantastic pixaloop photo editing app has been successfully installed on your Android device.


Pixaloop Pro Apk Not Working?

If it is not working, then don’t worry. Clear the cache and reinstall it. Now it will work fine.

Is It Without A Watermark?

Yes, it is without watermarks. You can export files from this excellent app without any watermark.

Is It Download Free?

Yes, you can download it free of cost without any credit card.


It is a fantastic app for photo lovers and best for those who won’t show their creativity. If your also very creative ann experience new thing then it is for you. must download it and explore its stunning features

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