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Today we will look at an application that contains a Sign-Up Bonus of $40. And the minimum withdrawal amount of $100 has been maintained. You can make thousands of rupees every day by playing games with the aid of this software. You can make money by playing 21 different games on this site. This app is called the “Rummy Raja Apk.” Suppose you wish to get this app. Therefore read this post attentively, and then download this application through the option below.

How To Download Rummy Raja APK

Friends Rummy Raja APK is very simple to install. We will provide a download link for this program below for your convenience. Click the Download Button below to get this program to your smartphone.

  • First, click on the “Download Link” provided above.
  • The download will then begin in your Google Chrome browser.
  • After downloading, you must install it to receive the 166rs bonus.
  • Follow these steps to install the Apk on your phone: Allow Unknown Sources>Click to Enable>Save.

“Safe Features” In Rummy Raja Apk Download

You will find a useful feature in the Rummy Raja Apk Download. You can use it to transfer money from your Current to your Safe Balance if you want to use the Safe Function. So, first, go to the Rummy Raja Apk and select the Secure option. Following that, you will see your current chip’s Balance. You must put your amount in the Save box to save it. Following that, press the Yes button. Your money will now appear in the Chip In Safe section.

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You now want to use Chip In Safe to remove the amount. For this, you must select the Take Out option. After that, you must input your amount in the Take Away box. And it would help if you hit Yes. Now, determine your safe Balance. You’ll proceed to the Current Balance. You can now use it wherever you want.

“Refer & Earn” In New Rummy Raja Apk Download

Joining the Rummy Raja Apk Download Referral Program allows you to earn thousands of rupees daily. This is a really basic and quick approach to earning money; you do not need to play games or contribute money to the Rummy Raja Apk. All you have to do is send your Referral Link to your friends or relatives, and they will download the Rummy Raja Apk. Then, as soon as those people begin playing games by adding money, you receive a lifetime commission of up to 30%.

To do this, click on Refer & Earn. Then, share your Referral URL on Facebook and WhatsApp. The more people who join your connection, recharge, and play the games, the better. The higher commission you can earn. The Referrals option displays the full list of people you’ve invited. By selecting Rank, you will get a list of people earning money from the most referrals in this game. Regarding My Bonus, you can view the bonuses obtained daily.

“Add Cash” In New Rummy Apk Download

If you want to make money by installing the Rummy Raja App, you must first play the game. And to play the games, some money must be added, and we will now explain how to add money within Rummy Raja Apk. To do this, you must first click on the Pay button in the game. Next, a slew of possibilities will appear in front of you. You must enter at least 15 here. And remember, max. Thus you can add 100000 at a time here. There you must select your money. Following that, select Add Chip. The browser will then appear.

Where you must enter your KYC information; after entering information such as your name, phone number, and email address, click the Continue button. Then, to add money, you must select UPI or Bank. You may now easily add money to this game. The more money you deposit, the more Extra Commission you will receive. If you deposit more than Rs.1000, you will be charged a commission ranging from 2% to 5.5%.

Bank Account Add Process:

  • To add a bank account within Rummy Raja App Download, click on Add Bank Account.
  • Following that, enter your bank account number first.
  • Next, enter the IFSC code.
  • You can type anything in the username field.
  • Now select your bank account; you can leave it if it is not listed.
  • Finally, you must provide your email address.
  • After that, click the Save button to add your bank account.

UPI Add Process:

  • To add UPI to Rummy Raja App Download, click on Add UPI.
  • Then, input your UPI.
  • If prompted for a username, you can alternatively use your UPI.
  • Following that, press the Save button.
  • Rummy Raja App has a minimum withdrawal of Rs.100. You can withdraw using your bank or UPI. I’ll provide you with Rummy Raja App Payment Proof below, as you can see.

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