VMOS APK Download [Vmos Latest Version 2023]

VMOS APK is an android application and software. The developers designed it based on Virtual Machine (In shorter, we can say it VM ). You can activate the vmos operating system with one click without any rooted device and PC. it has an android double system apk content every download and installs it. 

You can install it like any other android application. By installing it, you will install the same app on your device more than once. Now you can use two WhatsApp apps and accounts on just one device with the help of vmos. We can name it a virtual box because it works like a VirtualBox. vmos tool apk can be installed like other apps with the use of VM technologies.


Vmos is an android application and software for the Android operating system that allows for the simultaneous use of two Android applications on a single device. For instance, if you previously have a mobile app on your device, then using vmos, you can install your other one. To acquire your knowledge, you need only to handle only one device of the system. This can be achieved with the help of the VM (virtual Machine) technologies. You can use it on both rooted and nor unrooted devices if you choose what you choose.

Vmos pro is the latest and improved version introduced by the original vmos team. It is advantageous that it also produces resolution and customization opportunities for your new android system. The vmos unlocker apk was created by a group of software engineers that devoted themselves to making a virtual Android on Android, a completely standalone system; it’s a geek’s favorite.

Features of  VMOS APK

Here are the best features of vmos apk + OBB:

 Virtual System

If you are searching for a virtual system, then it is only for you because it is a virtual operating system tool. Vmos is an app That will work for you as a virtual system. 

Single Device Two Same Apps

By using Vmos, you can get two different apps for your device. It helps in creating a fully independent operating system on any device. A completely separate secondary operating system can be installed on your mobile device.

Switching Guests To Host Systems Easily.

Having two operating systems on a single device, you may think it’s challenging to handle both simultaneously. However, by using vmos, you can easily switch between a networked system and a host system. The software also allows you to add applications from guest systems and gust to hosting within a few clicks.

Vmos Equips With Picture Mode

Picture in picture mode feature is accessible in vmos lite apk. Floating windows occur above other applications and can be transferred quickly, zoomed in and out. Etc.


vmos unlocker latest apk has Another unique feature that is the customizable solution. Customers specify the length, width, and DPI as they desire. The resolutions you did earlier will also be recorded.

 Background Games

Virtual machines can be used in the background for certain kinds of games. You have some particular game on the background of Vmos.

What’s New In Vmos Pro Apk

  • It will help you to Optimize your battery sync problem
  • Vamos will optimize the issue of the game’s disconnections.
  • You can modify the device information by adding a random button.
  • Add the switch of the horizontal screen shielding the actual machine notification function.
  • Shutdowns for communities added.
  • Members will have a better experience.
  •  Resolve black screen problems on some models.
  •  This game is an Adapt to the League of Legends mobile game.

How To Install A Virtual Machine On Android Using Vmos

To use vmos on your android device, you need to download and install it. These simple steps will help you:

  • Install VMOS on your Android device. This process is the same as downloading other similar apps.
  • During the first installation, they ask you to download a 275 MB package.
  • vmos will extract and configure the files after the download is completed.
  • The process should not take more than a few minutes. 
  • Once you have finished running this, you will be ready to run your new virtual Android system.


It’s one of the best applications for Android users. I hope this is very helpful for you. If you need additional information about it, visit our website.

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