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Youtube++ apk is an amazing app. is the modern world, and there is a trend of videos. The biggest source of finding and watching is youtube. Youtube is an app for android devices and as well for your pc and laptops.

No doubt youtube is the biggest and largest website for play videos. This website also developed apps for Android and iOS users. Android and IOS users can enjoy youtube videos on youtube apps, but ads are an issue. When you watch videos on youtube websites or apps, there are many ads on the first, mid, and end. But your time is precious. You want freedom from these ads. For this purpose, the developers develop an app known as youtube++ apk. This is a modified youtube app with a bundle of amazing features. It contains many more features than the official youtube app.

What is youtube++ apk?

youtube plus plus is an advanced and moded app for youtube application. It has unlimited features. It is more than a youtube app. Using this app, you can watch videos without ads and block ads per one click. Here is the list of youtube ++apk features.


  1. No ads
  2. Download video offline
  3. Remove restrictions
  4. Playback system
  5. Video streaming
  6. Convert video and audios
  7. Interface
  8. Hide videos

No Ads

youtube++ NO ADS

When we play videos on youtube, there is a rush of ads that irritate us. We wish to get rid of these ads; then, this app has a feature of blocking ads. Remove ads in just one click and enjoy ad-free videos.

Download Videos Offline

Watch videos offline

Sometimes you don’t have internet or far away from the internet but want to watch youtube videos, then don’t worry; you can save youtube videos on your device and enjoy them offline.

Remove Restrictions

Remove restrictions

Sometimes you face some restrictions from youtube like age and geometric, but you can get free from these restrictions by using this app. And watch videos without restrictions. You can find your favorite videos by selecting your favorite country in the search setting.

Playback System

You can enjoy videos with the facility of auto playback. You can also play videos backward and forward in your playlist.

Video Streaming

Youtube++ apk is a video streaming app where you can stream your videos online and enjoy unlimited fun with this feature.

Convert Video And Audios

Convert your videos to audios and audio to videos by using this stunning app.


Youtube++ apk has a user-friendly and beautiful interface that makes users happy. It has the same interface as youtube traditional has. It looks like the original youtube. And users can understand it easily.

Hide Videos

If you don’t want some video on your feed, then no worries. By using this amazing app, you can hide videos and make your privacy as well.

Some Other features

  • You can like, share and comment
  • Play videos and audio in the background
  • It is available free of cost
  • You can block ads
  • You can set your favorite playlist
  • Autosave videos
  • And much more


Is Youtube Plus Plus Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use

Is Youtube++ Apk Legal?

It is not clear whether it is legal or illegal, but it is safe to use.

Do I Need To Spend Some Money To Use This Apk?

No, you don’t need any money or credit; you can download it from free of cost.

How To Remove Ads From Videos On Youtube++apk?

For removing ads, you can do it via tweak settings on youtube and changing the ads setting. After changing settings, you can enjoy adding free videos.

Is The Tweak App Safe To Use?

Yes, the tweak app is free to use.

Is Youtube++ Apk Only For Android Devices?

No, it is for all android, ios, and windows.

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